Coffee on a Cold Day
Bon Voyage
A Mother's Wish
Retail Therapy
Exasperated Parent
Dance Fever
Scary Subway
Summer Fitness
Santa in the City
Christmas Tree
Subway Turmoil
Springtime Blues
Penny for your Thoughts
New Year's Resolution
Zany Halloween
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Zany Biography

Zany is a star in the making. His career began in Chicago in August 2006 where his Dance Fever spot played at the AMC Theaters 21 in Chicago to nearly 10,000 viewers.

Zany graduated with honors from the prestigious Barker school majoring in drama where he developed his own unique style and onscreen persona, while still holding true to the classical art form. Zany is the quintessential urgan dog about town and the essence of cool. He is an avid tennis player and golfer and is licensed to fly single engine airplanes. He continues to explore diverse role opportunities, and hopes to one day, reach the pinnacle of his profession.